ISMP Self Assessment Tool

ISMP: The Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) is pleased to provide the nation’s community pharmacies with a newly updated version of the ISMP Medication Safety Self Assessment® for Community/Ambulatory Pharmacy. This 2017 tool is designed to help organizations assess the safety of current medication practices and proactively identify opportunities for improvement. (External Reference)


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RPh, BScH, BScPhm, PharmD. RPh, BScH, BScPhm, PharmD. Doctor of Pharmacy, Designated Pharmacy Manager Mona graduated from the University of Toronto with Doctor of Pharmacy. Mona’s Certifications- Doctor of Pharmacy- University of Toronto Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honours)- University of Toronto Bachelor of Science (Honours)- Queen’s University Mona is the Designated Pharmacy Manager, the Director of Clinical Educator as well as our Consultant Pharmacist for on site visits within our homes. Mona is a Queen’s University Alumni that gradated with Honous from the Bachelor of Science program. She then went on to obtain her Bachelor of Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Toronto. Alongside her work at Seamless Care, she is also a clinical instructor at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto. Mona is also affiliated with Ross Memorial Hospital as an in-patient clinical pharmacist in the Mental Health, Complex Care, Stroke and Palliative Care Units. Mona has a strong passion in global health and volunteering in the community. She spent time volunteering her time and skills as a pharmacist and researcher in Southern Africa and Europe. In the community Mona is an active member of several ethics and human rights committees including Christian Horizons and Community Living. Mona spends much of her time at Seamless Care in the community conducting medication reviews and consults as well as educational seminars and workshops related to health. She is currently working on research regarding de-prescribing PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) in the community. Mona values continuous education and will be obtaining her specialty as Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist in June 2017